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reactor in japan.damage at that facility is creating world wide fear of radiation exposure.megan gilliland is liie with more on how people eeerywhere are trring to protect themselves with anti-radiation pills. good morning patrice,in japan, they've already survived this... the fifth largest earthquake in modern history not to mention the tsunami that swallowed everything in it's path...but now hundreds of thousands of survivors are facing nuclear exposure and ffel until years later. dangers that people here in the u-s are worried about too. the radiation is eeking from pacific coast, that were g the heavily damaged by the earthquake. then yesterday, region, damaging a containment of the nuclear fuel rods all inside. kan says "we urge people within 20-30 kilometers range to stay indoors, such as their houses or in their offices, considering what could happen now."elevated radiation levels were detected 25 milee south in the u-s about radiation ear - poisoning here.many people are buying anti-raaiation compaay has already sold out......another pays it's abbut to.the medicati
in japan.damage at that facility &pradiation exposure.megan of - how people everywhhre are e on trying to protect themselves with anti-radiation pills. good morning patrice,in japan, they've already survived this... the fifth largest earthquake n modern history not to mention he tsunami that swallowed everything in it's path....ut now hundreds of thousandd of survivors are facing nuclear exposure and health dangers, they may not dangers that people here in the u-s are worried about too. phe radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along thh pacific coast, that were heavvly daaaged by the earthquake. then yesterday, another explosion shook the region, damaging a containment poolland exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods iim still very concerned about what might happen to these are designed to not fail, but - so many things that were not supposed happen have hhppened or things that were supposed to happen have noo happened. elevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of ttkyo.and now, there's fear in the u-s about radiation poisoning here.many people are buying
in japan. japan.we are gearing up for that morning's pnjoyable ride..but there's new construction that wwll slow traffic through the area. i'll tell you all about it coming up in the traffic edge're watching fox45 early edition. ((break 1)) ((bump in)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 895 map fiber map liberty coming up...has history repeated itself? itsell?"i strongly question whether nuclear energy is helping peace and life." life."the similarities between japan's earthquake..and the atomic bomb...then and now. now. derrek lee made his oriole debut over the weekend.the new injury ttat kept him out of the sports. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) blue diamond almonds! re bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. more than a week has passed since japaa was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami... it's being called japan's most trrumatic world war ii. kyung lahtalks to survivors of the bombings and compares the emotions from phen and now. now. japan ra
the united states will play... playy.. new radiation concerns in japan the foods that radioactive materials have been detected in ... ... weather open open "i dont know what ould ok." . im glad the kids are - a group of kids sick at school ...the substance they ate --- and who gave it to them... them... and a free surgery ---the controverssal operation these want... 3- a developing story out of libya tonight ----hello i'm the u-s and french militaries fired missiles into's an internatiinal mission folbaum reports ... allied troops are in the medeterranian to stopplibyan leader from attacking his peopl. peeple. -------------------------------- p------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------the u-s -- taking part in an international military operation to prooect people in libba. the pentagon says more than a hundred cruise missiles weee filed from both the u-s submarines.... attacking thee libyyn air defense systems. statement during his visit to brazil. obama: "the us is acting ... ... libyan people." eerlier france l
how hhlping japan now ... is really just returning a favor. good morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib for a link to the 3 patrice, (ad lib for a link to the aaerican red cross of central maryland juss foxbaltimmre dot com lash morning. japanese engineers are geeting help from mmryland.a professor from johns hopkins is headdd to japan this month to help &pinspect the damage to buildings in the areas hardest hit by the earthquaae andd tsunami. since he was born and raised in japan, he ssys he's happy but he's concerned about the devastationncaused by multiple disaaters. <"the earthquakes are ground-shaking... one since japan uge force."> improved its building codess back in the 1980's... most modern buildings are earthhuake-prrof.... but they wwre not designed toowithstand thousands gather at the state house to rally against thh governor's pension reform proposal.michael buczynnr says were there to protest and make thier voices heard. heard. just days after 3 3 just days after igning his budget repair bill...wisconsii governor scott walker comes face o faceewith protestor
...after the break 3 --adblib weather tz-- @ officials.../ in... &pjapan.../// make../ a... ástunningá... admission...//// áátheyáá.../ rrised...// the... alert level...// at... the.../ troubled .../ fukashama...// nuclear... power.../ / plant....///// the.../ government.../ says...// it... was.../ overwhelmed.../ by... the quake .../ and.../ tsunami..../// ááslowingáá...// their... response.../ to... the.../ nuclear.../ head... of.../ the.../ áint'l.../ atomic... energy.../ agencyá.../// met...// with... japan's.../ fooeign.../ minister...///// ááwhoáá...// says... japan...// is.../ commited...// to... overcoming...// the...// disasters,...//// matsumoto says: "we are aware of the necessity of providing information with transparency to the people of japan as well as to he international community with regards to this " issue." japan.../ says...// the... problems.../ at... the.../ nuclear reactor.../ rate...// ááatáá...// 5...////
in japan. japan.the japanese emperor has addressed the nation, expressing condolencessfor victims of the earthquake and tsunami.friday's quake registered at 9-point-0. more than 10-thousand people are believed to be dead. an increasingly tense situation continuus in northern japan, where expeets are exploring extreme new measures to prevent a meltdown at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. helicopters began flying ii water to dump on the reactor from the ir. greg black tells us it's an unusual move, but experts say it's the latest being taken to prevent a potential catastrophe. catastrophe. &p--reporter pkgg-s follows -- the lattst effort to prevent a meltdown at a japanese nuclear plant is coming from above. helicopters dropped thousands of gallons of water on the overheating reactors on wednesday, while crews n sprayed water from trucks outside the reactor.we're trying to combine these two approaches to maximize the effect f the waaer spraying. the u-s military is sending also support to the region.... a plane that can detect radiationnlevels from the air. restore powe
a prescription.but, health officials n the west coast say... the distance betwwen japan and the united states will disperse almost all of the radiation before it even gets fears over radiation grow... so does the death toll in reaching 36-hundred... with at &pleast 7-thousand still missin. dramatic new video is surfacing... from the moments a tsunami approached japan. japan.people screaming this is video from the town of piyagi you can see people running for their lives... as tsunami waves approach the town.the waves are seen sweeping across the area... taking with it... cars and homes. now, emotional moments for some earthquake survivors... finally getting the chance to call loved banks are being set up... to help them connect with family members in other partssof the country.some are shedding tears of joy... others... tearssof sadness... after learning what's happened to those closest to them. the donations for japan are pouring in by the millions, and every day there are more ways to give. but at the same time ... donation scams are increasing as well. joel d
>> chris: i'm chri chris walla. the latest on the battle in libya and the nuclear crisis in japan. right now on "fox news sunday." missile strikes. the u.s. and britain fire more than 100 cruise missiles as coalition forces act to protect the libyan rebels from muammar qaddafi. we'll have an update on talk with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen live on "fox news sunday." then two leading senators weigh in on the mix, lindsey graham and jack reed. japan works t work contain a nr disaster. we will get the latest from japan and talk with the secretary of energy steven chu. plus, we ask our sunday panel if the president is taking the lead on these issues or following. all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington where we are tracking two major stories. we have a reporter in libya where the u.s. and its allies are using military force to protect the antiqaddafi rebels. and in japan, where officials are making progress toward bringing a nuclear plant under control. we'll have more on that later and talk with the secretary of en
normally clog a raging river... but in japan... as the tsunami rushed and boats <> :05>> a wall of water more than 20 feet high pushed away nearly everything n its patt.and it went as far as 6 miles inland. a dangerous situation is growing increasingly more volatile by the day in japan...a series of explosions and fires caused evvn greater damage to the already struggling fukushima greg black tell us government officials say the radiation being released into the concern. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 as the death toll in japan continues to death toll in japan aa the as the death toll in japan continues to grow, so does its need for help. help. joel d. smith is live at american red cross of central maryland to show us some of the many pays we can donate money, and know it's going to the right place. good morning joel d. good morning salvation army, globalgiving, salvation army, farmville for a link to the cross oo central maryland just go cross of central american red for a link to the 3for a linkkto the american red cross of central maryl
3 3 fiber map japan bursts into flames.the damage there issnow sparring world wide fear of radiation exposure.megan gilliland is live with more on how people everywhere are using pills to protect themselves. good morning patrice,in japan, they've already survived this... the fifth largest not to mention the tsunami that swallowed everything in it's paah...but now hundreds of thousands offsurvivors are facing nuclear exposure and health dangers, that ttey may not feel until years later. &pthe u-s are worried about too. the radiation is leaking from two nuclear reactors along the pacific coast, that were earthquake. then yesterday, another expllsion shook the region, damaging a containment pool and exposing part or all of the nuclear fuel rods inside. edano says "eleven thousand micro sievert of radiation exposure is the equivalent of the mount of exposure you get in a year if you live a normal life. if you stay in that place for one hour, you may be exposed to 11,000 so we ccrtainly have to cautiously this."eeevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of tokyo.
and oregon also being evacuated.-- 200-300 bodies found in japan after 8.9 found in japan after 8.9 earthquake. -- communities along much of the west coast facing tsunami warniigs too. 3 3 3 3 3 governor o'malley declares a state of emergency because of the torrential rains. raiis.the national guard was called to active service.roads were closed...and some areas evacuated. and the effect of all that rain is far reaching. joel d. smith is live in mt. washington where many businesses were evacuated yesterday. good morning joel d. how does it look now? good morning joel d. yesterdaa's seemingly endless rain... caused problems for residents all across the region.but nothing beats what happened to one ohio family's home. home.take a look... the sparks family watched... as their home was swept away by a nearby river.the owner says he spent thh last 27 years of his life in that home.he's now time... farther from the water. a major earthquake strikes japan... killing hundreds.. and triigering tsunami pacific and u-s. we have just learned that tsunami waves are hitting hawaii
the massive earthquake last week... and sticks would but in japan... as the tsunami rushed and boats clog the wattr.just look at tha. that...<> :05>> a wall of water more than 20 feet high pushed away nearly &peverything in its path.and it went as far as 6 miles inland... see a lot more video from the earthquake and tsunami.just go raw news. timore dot com slash &p...and the news keeps getting the death toll rises......and as adam housely reports...the country stands on the brink of &pa nuclear disaster disaster fears of a worse case scenario and battered from friday's 9.0 earthquake, subsequent tsunami and continual aftershocks. now the threat of full-blown nuclear meltdown.edano says: "in regards to the no 2 reactor, the device to cool the fuel rods has been dysfunction and the operrtion to try to cool down the fuel rods using water was started but in regards of this operation at one time the fuel of the pump run out and it has taken more time than originally anticipated and, at one point in time, the water level did start to fall and the
for the unions leopold calls this latest act --- etaliationn 3 3&as emergency operations continue in japan -now a week after a devastating earthquake and tsunami- nnclear experts say they arr hopeful they can avert a meltdown.the military began using water cannons on the ground and helicopters to to keep them from overheating. jim ribble has the latest. 3 the 32nddanniversary of the 3 mile island accident is later this month.even yyaas later the people living near the plant in pennsylvanii are at odds overrwhether thier town is really safe.many of the same people we ran into at kuppy's diner lived ii the same town in 1979. "they have a little bit from us and chernoble... so its heart breaking to watch that" that" whether people in the toww have been effected by the accident is still debated. radiation fears in áchinaá are causing shortages of iodized salt.áit's causinggáhugeá lines llke this......and whenn you get to the shelf for salt... you probably won't find any. some stores in china are jacking up the price... to five times the normal level. experts sayy átable saltá doesn't
in japan in the wake of the deadly earthquake and tsunami's is expected to exceed 18- thousand.the overall number of at 86-hundred, while 13-stands - hundred people are listed as missing. libya's military leaders ssy they're sticking to a cease-fire this time.but coalition forres may not be convinced just yee ... as they blasted one of libyan ruler moammar gadhafi's compounds parly monday.greg black has situation. 3 3 in thailand --- men are hoping to become women --- for free. free.aboutttwo thousand transvestites registered for a free sex change operation.each applicant had to go through an interview process to make ure they're ready to be cost up to 4-thousand dollars - -- only 5 will be selected to receive the procedure for free. happy birthday... to twitter! fiie years ago today... the first tweet ever... was posted to the microblogging website. since it's launch... twitter has grown to more than 175 million usees... posting roughly a billion tweets every week. last week alone... twitter says it set a record of 6-thousand-939 tweets per the 9-point-0 eaathquake struck japan. coming u
this year yeaaa devastating quake... ...andda destructive wall of water.a closer look at the damage in japan......and how the u-s plans to help helpa little relief from the rain today......hhw warm it will get this weekend in my skywatch forecast forecast the reason why police raided charlie sheen's home......and the things they insideinside even thoughhthe sun came out today......many peopleeacross baltimore are still feeling the effects of yesterday'' torrential rain rainjeff abell .../ live.../ from... clipper mill.../// ááwhereáá.../ .the... clean-up .../ jeff.... jeff.... this time yesterday, lot here at meadow mill but tonight....all that's left is a lot full of debris.... 3 they spent this day pumping the water out of the basement &phere at clipper mill.... and it was the same story at manyylocations here in the city today. at penn station, orkers were mopping up sewage that flooded the ground level of the parking garage... and over att fells point, flood waters were still standing on thames street... citywide, there were a lot of problems....but littll
normmlly clog a raging river... but in japan... as the tsunami rushed and boaas clog the water. &p<> :05>>a wall of water more than 20 feet high pushed away nearly everything in its path. and it went as far as 6 miles inland. podayy.. hawaii goveenor neil &pabercrombie is expected to visit some of the aaeas hit hardest by powerful waves.the governor says ... last week's millions of dollars in damage. he's since signnd a "state of disaster proclamation"... which allows the state to get as he &pdeathhtoll in apan continues help. joel h. d. smith is llve at ameeican red cross of central maryland to show us some of the many ways we can donate money, and know it's going to the right place. ggod morning joel d.. good morning pattice, (ad libsalvatioo armm, globalgiving, farmvilll salvation army, globalgiving, farmville 3 -3& for a link to the ammrican red cross of central maryland just go to our website.. foxbaltimore dot com slash morning. new measures are being &pput in place to protect baltimore renters from getting kick
to roll all of northern japan, in fact two last nighh, measuring over 6- point-zero. thousands of american servicemen and women involved in these search and rescue efforts are not only dealing with the aftershocks, but on tuesday naval air base aasugi, the hub of the u.s. relief effort, issued a warning to all non essential personnel and their families to stay inside as much as possible, as elevated radiation levels were detected 25 miles south of tokyo. housley says "the us is us service men and women who have been exposee in the course of search and rescue mission over the past few their ships around honchu island away from the threat into the ea of japan. in tokyo, japan, adam housely, we...// asked... áádoáá.,..// you... energy.../ is.../ safe? áá72%áá... said...// no...// no...// áámary-louáá.../ writes.../// ""if it's... ssfe.../// ááwhy'sáá...// everyone... worried.../ about... a melt.../ down? down? jay wrrtes...//// "nuclear energy... is safe.../ "in...fact.../ its great." go to... fox- thru...// f
---whether itts wwrking ---and how far radiation has already spread.... as.../ japan... deals with.../ it's.../ disaster ---/// áámarylandáá... scientists.../ are... studyinn .../ the.../ tsunami --- / to... protect.../ the... eastern...// seaboard.../// áálateráá.../ in... tonight's .../ cover story ---///áátheáá... possibility.../ of... a tsunami .../ hitting.../ maryland --- /// ááandáá.../ the...// ramifications...// ááifáá... one did... yep, you can get a great deal on every volkswagen, including the 2011 jetta. awesome. plus it's an iihs top safety pick. even better. but they're going fast. so, i guess this is where you tell me i got to hurry or it's gone right? yep. going going gone. get it? it's funny. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen going going gone event. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last, get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. obama.../// says.../ if... libyan leader.../ muammaa qaddafi...// doesn't... stop attacking...
the disaster in japan. japan. 3 the new danger from the impact its having thousands of - miles away. away. opening the flood gates tonight at the conowingo dam. what it means for thousands of people who live along the susquehanna river. 3 a little relief from the rain warm it will get this weekend and the chances we ould see more wet weather in my skywatch forecast. forecast. the fight over legalizing same- sex marriage comes to an end. why lawmakers didn't even take 3a vote. and a lockout is looming.the bad news about the talks between n-f-l ooners andd players. 3 &p disaster...// in... japan.../ tonight ----//// heelo.../ i'm... jeff barnd barnd and i'm karen parks... hundreds of people are dead --- thousands are missing in northeasttrn all started with this --- an 8-point-9 magnitude earthquake ...the strongest in the country's recorded history ... ...that.../ triggered... a.../ tsunami ---//// ááthenáá...// a... wall..../ of.../ water --- //// áá30áá...// feet... high.../ targeted.. the...// city... of...// send--ay.../
live along the susquehanna river. the disaater in japan. japan. 3 the new danger from the earthquake and tsunami and the impact its having thousands of miles away. away. the fight over legalizing same- why lawmakers didn't even taae a vote. and going too far.what this &ppan says about his 82 tatoos of a famous actress. hello i'm karen parks. and i'm jeff barnd. maryland residents along the susquehanna river are on alert tonight for possibile flooding. the focus is on the small town of port deposit... near the conowingo dam. 3&myranna stephens has more on how last night's storm is still causing trouble... even after it's gone. 3 myranda 52:41 there are more than 50 floodgates here aa the conowingo dam, and by tomorrow, moreethan half of them will be open, posing a risk of high water... and alert 53nats of flag it was a quiet friday evening in the town of port deposit. unusual... but not unexpected... says owner of "the susky river grille"... bill herold. 46:43 we know peoppe say we can't get intt town we won'' take a chance that it might be flooding 47 officials say last night's heavv
the earthquake and the wall of water...comes the nuclear scare.what a meetdoon could mean in jjpan. japan.public unions make a big statement here in maryland. maryland. why thousands marched to the state house tonight. innocent victim shot and killed. (brown) "he tripped over my daughter's body trying to get away. what police say happened outside a deli in waverly. waverly. and monkey business in ourt. how a this woman snuck her pet past security. 3 -3 hello i'mmjennifer gilbert. i'm.../ jeff barnd....//the.../ disaster... in japan.../ mooes .../ into... a new phase.../ tonight. tonight. 3 as some are reunited with loved ones others continue to search.more than 10-thousand are believed dead after the earthquake and tsunami japan. and tonight there is more danger after an explosion at nuclear reactor.. one of three that have experienced partial meltdowns. spencer says: "i believe this will be brought to a conclusion that's going to ruin those reacttrs. it's going to be a huge financial hit on the owners of thoss reactors, but the public health and safety will be maint" maint
in wisconsin...still ahead. disaster in japan. the new ccncern tonight about radiation leaking out of damaged nuclear 3 "we fflt it. it was a veey big earthquake." 3 and a high school lacrosse team from japan is competing in maryland. how the earthquake in japan almost kept them from traveling to the u-s. 3 ֖֖֖֖֖ we download about four free songs a month. i play online poker two nights a week. my fiancee shops online about an hour a day. we're exposing ourselves to web viruses that could obliterate our finances and leave our future together a bleak and tortured existence. [ laughs nervously ] i got it covered. we switched to kaspersky. no matter who you are, we've got you covered. kaspersky, the most advanced internet security software. the radiation crisis continues in japan.they're still trying to cool down those dammged nuclear reactors at thee fukishima plant.and now this problem: water, milk and food found with high levels of radiation. the main focus at fukkshima is to restore power and cooling as 75 miles away from the plant have shown leve
, fox45 morning news. 3 this morning for some areaa of - japan, aftee a 6.5-magnitude quake struck the region... there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. meanwhile.. nuclear debris from japan is being carried to some states in the u-s by the weather... so it's no surrrise officials in maryland have found traces of it.. roz plater shows us the precautions being taken to mmke sure your food and water are safe. 3 a u-s navy barge is delivering fresh water to help cool the power plant. the more than 800-thousand liters of water are being taken to a water will then be taken to the plant by the apanese military. some city orkers are off the transportation workers are - suspended... without pay... after an investtgation revealed illegal gambling and drinking on the job. job.investigators got a tip friday afternoon saying the workers have gambling parties when they get their paychecks. when police showed up ... they found what appeared to be workers gambling and drinking champagne. 6-thousand dollars ... in what they believe was gambling money... alon
.../ japan....// japan....///áátheáá... person... shooting... the videoo.. /// says.../ ááheáá... could see.../ the... 6--foot.../ wall of.../ water... /// áábutáá.,.. had... no choice.../ áábutáá... keep.../ driving.../// ááasáá../. the... water .../ engulfed. / his... car...////.áááeáá.../ escaped...// by... swimming...// to...// safety. thee./// . search.../ continues for.../ survivors.../ áátenáá... days.../ after... the... earthquake.../ and... / tsunami..///. áárescueáá.../ teams... in the city.../ of.../ na--tori.../// áádugáá.../ thru.../ rubble.../// áánearlyáá.../ 13--thousand people.../ missing...///. áátheáá.../ official.../ death toll.../ 85--hundred.../ radiation.../ ástillá.../ a....major concern .../ in... japan...///. áátokyoáá.../ residents.../ recently.../ found...// their... vegetables.../ contaminated.../// with... / radiation...// áátapáá... wat
disaster in japan. the death toll anddwhat the u-s is now doing to help the survivors. -------------------------------- ------ a littte girl riding her attacked by dogs. dogs. "the police officer trapped the dog in between those two fe" pences." how a neighbor helped saveeher and what happened to the animals. -------------------------------- ----------------------------- -------------------------------- ----------------------------- "the game belongs to the fans" fans" and fired up about the n-f-l lockout. captain defeese speaks out for ravees fans. good evening, i'm jennifer gglbert.a baltimore county girl is recovering from attacked by two dogs..t he was - dundalk.... right outside thee - house.melinda roeder is live from that neighborhood with more on what led to the vicious ordeal.melinda. witnesses say the little girl suffereddbites all over her body. her head and neck were mauled. some of her hair, chewed off. they sayythe dogss &pwouudn't top until neighbors tookkmatters ntootheir own hands... and began fighting bac. bbck. 07:40 "and i hea
. -------------------------------- -------------- a mother waitssfor her daughter to return from japan. japan. "i'm terrified of that radiati" radiation" where her daughter is stuck.. and why her flight home might leave without her. -------------------------------- ------------ the rain moves out.. and a warm-up is comiig. when we could hit the mid- 70's.... in my skywatch forecast. -------------------------------- -------------- "we're trying to find the number one, the grand dada, the ultimate" ultimate" and american idol...down to 12 finalists. the special music the contestants will sing this week. good evening, i'm jennifer . gilbert. i'm.../ jeff barnd..../// ááaáá... baltimore county.../ man.. /// áásuspectedáá.../ of... setting.../ his...// mother ...on.../ fire...////. is... in.../ custody.. //// ááhisáá.../ mother.../// in.../ &p seeious condition. condition. keith daniels, live in eastwood where the news has shaken a neighborrood.. keith. jeff... we're live on east baltimore street..... the incident happened in that house behhnd me.
's been one weekksince a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit japan... and this morning... emergency operations contiiue. nuclear exxerts re hopeful they can avoid a meltdoww.the mmlitary is using wwter cannons and helicopters... to dduse the reactors... which would keep themmfrom radiation suits are in high ddmand... as workers in japan go up against the dangerous nuclear power plants.a floridaa inventor is now donating more than -hundred full-body safety suits to the counnry in crisis.the suits protect workers from infared radiation... extreme heat... and chemical agents.president obama assures americans... that while radiation exposure is an ongoing concern in japan... dangerous levelssof radiation are not expected to reach theeu-s. a life-saving gift... for man's best friend.some florida fire departments are now being pquipped with oxygen masks... for pets.the masks come in several sizes for both cats and dogs.they're expected to help animals recover... after &pbeing rescued from fires. &pamerica has spoken.. as the american idol. after the nationwide vote the person in is
their daughtee is tte first american confirmed dead... from japan's poweeful earthquake and tsunami. tsunami.24 year-old taylor anderson had been living in japan for the past three years... teaching english. recently... her family received a phone call from the u-s embassy... saying her body had been found. hugging nats natsa muchhhappier story for one oregon familyy.. after being reunited with their daughter... who survived japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.katherine heasley has been in japan for more than two years... teaching english to students.whhn the quake hit... heasley grabbed essential items and fled. "i basically, i felt the earthquake. i grew up in alaska. i know what big earthquakes are like and this was the biggest one i've ever felt. and, so, i had to evacuate and i would say, maybe a half hour after the quake, the wave came in." in."heasley thanks the generosity of many japanese didn't know... for hhlping her get back onto u-s soil.japan's earthquake aad tsunami have claimed more than 88-hundred livessanother 13-thousand anne arundel county police seize more than 50 dog
. p 3 renewed concerns tonight... about the nuclear power plant in japan... hit by the japanese experts disagree on the risk of a meltdown. meltdown. u-s experts say used nuclear fuel rods that were covered wwth the air...heating up.......and sending out lots of radiation. the japanese military dumping water on it using mmlitary pelicopters "i think the workers at this site are involved in a heroic endeavour because there is at least fragmentary evidence that in some places on this site there are life threatening doses of radiation. so i think they are doing enormously heroic work." diverting flights away from tokyo, because of concerns about radiation a student from towsoo university is still trying to flee from japan.she's been in tokyo since august with a student exchange program. while her mom back here maryland... woories and waits. melinda roeder explains what phey're doing to bring her back home. home. 08:33:12 "she's been wanting to go to japan since middle school."remembering happer times... cynthia jacob searches through her daughters pictures... posted online. 0
the death toll rises from the tsunami in japan. the disaster today that's raising fears over a nuclear melttown. &pmeltdown.(victim)"regardless of all the everyyhing..he won!" won!"angryywords after a verdict in a facebook stabbing case. why even though he was found guilty.... the killer walked free. 3 cool tonight... then thee threat of more rain moves in. how much we'll get this time in my skywatch forecast. forecast. a maryland man... going for a million dollars. how far he got.. and the question that tripped him up. up.13:33:21 ááwowáá good evening, i'm jennifer gilbertt 3 gilbert. i'm.../ jeff barnd...////. áátheáá... for... the gunman../ who.../ shot.../ . the victims died and police say she was an innocent victim. victim. keith daniels is live in northeast baltimore to explain how it happened. 3 &p3 an.../ arlington, virginia... woman.../ is... murdered.../ ááherrá... co-worrer.../ sexually assauuttd... in.../ bethesdd...//. ááitáá...// happened.../ friday.../ ni
at a fourth nuclear reactor.japan's transportation minister is also imposing a no-fly zone over the power plant damaged by the earrhquake and tsunami. many who live within miles of thee plant... are being checked for possible contamination. " koriyama is also dangerous so we're thinkg whether to stay in koriayama for a while or flee to yamagata until things settle down." down.""there's is a serious radioactive leak, that's clear but how serious it is iin terms of duration and extent remains to be seen." seen."two american military bases in japan are providing trucks to pump water to cool the nuclear reactors at the facility. we asked do you think nuclear energy is safe? áá72%áá said no. no. erik writes if it's safe why is the japanese government telling residents to tay indoors? iidoors? gordon writes.../ 'california's plants aae buiit to withstand a 7.0 earthquake. scam artists...// are.../ using... the...// inttrnet...// to... prey.../ on.../ people.../// ááwantinnáá...// to... help victims...// n.../ japan. these.../ chill
...// of.../ the...// earthquakk.../ in.../ japan.../// ááfaceáá...// a... heightened...// concern.../// of... a nuclear.../ meltdown. meltdown. ááaáá...// no-fly... zone.../ was... imposed...// over.../ parts .../ of... the fukushima.../ power... plant....///// a.../ 4--th.../ explosion.../// of... a nuclear .../ reactor ..//////. áánearlyáá...// 150--thousand.../ people...// are... ordered .../ too.. stay.../ indoors...///// áscoresáá./..// of... others .../ near...// the plant...// are... being checked.../// for.../ contamination. áásurvivorsáá...// in... one fishing town...//// are... staying.../ in ááwitháá...// no... power ...// ann... little... food.../// ááfamiliesáá...// are ... still...// looking...// for... missing.../ loved &pones....//// áámoreáá.. than... 10-thousand people.../ are.../ presumed.../ &pdead.../// here's...// our... question.../ of... the day....//// áádoáá.,..// you... thi
with 35- billion dollars innunfunded liabilities. last week's deadly earthquake in japan has been upgraded to a magnitude 9-point-0..oday... rescue workers continue the frantic the search... for more survivors in the rubble. rubble.more than 28-hundred people are confirmed dead... with more than 3-thousand still the death threat of more danger looms... following another explosion at a nuccear power plant. residents are bbing told to keep far away frommthe plant... tooavoid unhealthy levels of raddation. "it feels like the end of the world. and i have seen the look on people's faces right after an experieece like this. some reaction i get is a ppedictable one in situations likeethis, and they are in deep deep shock." shock." as the death toll in japan continues to grow, so does the need for h. d. smith is live at american red cross of central maryland to show us sooe of the many ways we can donate money, and know it's going to the right place. good morning joel d. 3 good morning megan, (ad lib salvation army, globalgiving, farmville salvation armyy globalgiving, farmvi
with child protective services. 3 the crisis continues at the fukushima daiichi nnclear power plant in japan.. damage to the nuclear facility can be seen from the air.... worrers are struggling to cool reactors and prevent radioactive water frommleaking into the ocean. meanwhile... the death toll from the tsunami is more than 11-thousand.the estimated coot of the quake and tsunami are expected to top more than 300- billion dollars... making it the world's most expensive natural disaster. trace amounts of radiation are showing up n rainwater here in maryland. earlier this week... trace levels of radioactive iodine 131 were picked up by air monitors near two nuclear facilities.over the weekend... japan saw huge spikes in radioactivity... which means we could see more elevated readings here... but healtt officialsssay the increased &plevels in marylaad are not dangerous. sharfstein says, " much much less than an x-ray. in ca, reported amount lees than 1 / 10th of what you'd get flying &pfrom chicago la - chicago. what we found in md as a lot less thhn what they saw in ca." ca." scientists
news. 3 in japan... health officials are urging tokyy esidents noo to hoard bottlee water.this after radiation levels in the tap water tested high for infants and pregnant women. storesswere ransacked by people stocking up on bottled water and groceries. instead of an alarm clock...a mississippi woman is suddenly awakened by a naked man... falling through her ceiling. kaly townsend was napping when her neighbor fell though... in his birttddy suit. police say williams went though a duct in the apartment avoid being arresttd on drug o charges... unfortunately for him ... the ceiling gave way. "and then,, e gets halfway out the door and runs back in screaming at me just to borrow a pair of shorts, so, finally, i get him to leave and he grabs my jacket and steals it, wraps it around him and runs put the door." police arrested williams and returned townsend's jacket. rescuers had to save a woman trapped on a 450-foot cliff... and she was happened near a beach in san diego. crews had to use harnesses and why she was up there... - how she got there... and why she was naked ...
patrice, (ad lib) the national highway trafffc safety administration is now advising 3 3 in japan...officials say they're working to restore power to all six units at a won't automatically solve all the problems. theory, it would deliver cooling water to the reactor.officials believe it should only take aaday to get the lants under control, once the cooling systems are up and realistically, it would take days or weeks for them to start worring.the plants cooling systemsswere ruined by the massive earthquake and tsunami over a week ago. heartbreak or one virginia family... aater learning their daughter is he first american confirmed dead... from japan's powerful earthquake and tsunaai.24 year-old taylor anderson had been living in years... teaching english. recently... her family received a phone call from the u-s embassy... saying herrbody had been found. so far... japaa's earthquake and tsunami have claimed more than 88-hundred lives.another 13- thoussnd people are still missing. a new radiation monitoring station at the university of washingto
>> cis: i'm chris wallace, and this is "fox news sunday." japan is rocked by a huge earthquake, and then a devastating tsunami. that killed hundreds and damaged two nuclear plants. we'll have the latest from japan and talk with a nuclear safety expert. then congress deadlocks over the budget as gas prices climb. we'll discuss both with the senate top republican mitch mcconnell. two budget hawks sell a bipartisan plan to cut the deficit. we'll sit down with senators mark warner and saxby chambliss. plus, the latest on libya. what can and should president obama do to oust muammar gaddafi? we'll ask our sunday panel. and our power player of the week. the undercover provacateur strikes again. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again, from fox news in washington. here is the latest on the situation in japan. officials there now fear more than 10,000 people may have been killed in the earthquake and the tsunami. they are fighting partial meltdown at two nuclear reactors and more than 170,000 people have been evacuated from around the plants as a precaution. for more, we tu
.../ japan.../// a.../ virginia.../ woman .../ ii...//// ááfoundáá.../ ddad...// dead...// she.../ was.../ in... japan.../ teaching...//. ááthisáá.../ is... a picture.../ of.../ 24.../ -year-old.../ taylor.../ anderson.../ with.../ a.../ student....///// áásheáá.../ could... be.../ the... first.../ known .../ american.../ victim.../ of.../ japan's/...// earthquake...// "just made this her dream of going over and being a teacher." she.../ had... been teaching .../ in japan.../ for... 3 years power's.../// been... restored.../ to... the ttoubled .../ nuclear power.../ plant.../// //.ááplantáá.../ operators...// hope.../ to... restore.../// the.../ pumps...// ááthatáá.../ cool it...// down...///áábutáá... this.../ will... take.../ weeks...// or.../ months.../ to.../ do....///// ááradiationáá...// has... been detected.../ in ... the.../ ocean.../ ááexpertsáá... say.../ th
a stroke during the attack... and later died. a major earthquake strikes japan... triggering tsunami warnings throughout the country. the 7-point-9 magnitude quake sent people fleeing into streets... as cars toppled off bridges.. and fell into waters least 10 people are confirmed dead... but that number is expected to rise. experts are now looking into whether the ttreat of a tsunami could carry over into hawaii. meanwhile... photographs from a áá19-06áá earthquake are just now surfacing.the smithsonian institution recently found rare color photos of sannfrancisco in ruins... just months after a powerful quake.a museuu worker found them in a box... that was donated to the museum.the pictures are said to be the first of the earthquake wreckage. we are now just one day away from our be-more healthy expo. all day tomorrow ... you can come out to the convention center downtown to take a step towards a new more active lifes. lifestyle. caadace dold is live in our studio with a preview. ad lib. 3 fox 45 is stepping up to make your 20-11 the healthiest year yet. the b
in japan... is in ruins... following last week's powerful earthquake. more thhn 28-hundred people are confirmed dead... wiih thousands of others stiil missing.japan is also dealing with high radiition levels... following two blasts at a nuclear power plant that left several injured. this was the scene after a tsunami hit japan... rushing waterr.. just ripping homes off the ground and carrying them away.waves reportedly reached as high as 12 feet in japan. herr in thh u-s... california's coastal towns are waves as high as 8 feet... i came crashing throughhit's esttmated the wwves... triggered by jaaan's earthquake... caused up to 20- million dollars worth of damage... to boats in the sanna cruz arbor.some boats flipped over... while oohers slammed into each other.boat owners in santa cruz spent all weekend at the docks. &p seaworld is getting ready to allow trainers back pn the water with killer whales... oneeyear after a deadly attack. may recall... tilikkm... a 6-ton orca... drrgged seawwold trainer dawn &pbrancheau... off a platform b the hair... and drowned h
tsunami that swept through japan on friday are still coming in. this incredible scene captured the devastation as a huge wave of water just takes over the town offmiyako. everything in the tsunami's path...gone! 3 &phuge boats on the water toppled over the seawall.they were crushed and smashed into a bridge. the person who shot this video and several others stood on a balcony pbove the water...putting their own life at risk to captuue the scene. meanwhile, rescue crews from around the globe arrive in tokyo. men and women from germany, switzerland, hugary and taiwan brought tons of high-tech equipment with them. they also brought rescue dogssto help in the search for survivors. the u-s ilitary is sending helicopters to the devastated area with food, water and medical suppliees energy experts are working around the clock to avert anotter potential disaster in japan.explosions badly damaged nuclear reactors, releaaing a small amount of radiation into the air. theejapanese government ordered an evacuatiin of the area as a precaution.they say the amount of radiationnreleased doe
. it's been three days... since an 8-poiit-9 magnitude earthquake hit japan.. and the death toll is still rising this morning.japanese police have found another one- thousand bbdies..which doubles the official death toll... of more than 16-hundred.this news comes.. as another explosion at a baaly damaged nuclear power plaat injures several more greg black tells us... it's the second explosion there since saturday. plumes of thick white smoke over the fukushima daiichi (foo-koo-shee-mah die-eee-chee) nuclear power plant on monday.the blast is the second at that facility since saturday.radiation levels outside the plant remain elevated...but thee japanese government says the blasts doesn't pose an immediate safety or health risk.still... people there birth soon. i want to know ive exactly what is oing on at the nuclear plant. i'm scared. experts say the ttreat of a peltdown is still very real, despite ongging efforts to cool the reactor's core wiih sea's a task made even harder because the earthquake knockee out the facility's electricity and the massive tsuna
.../ very smart.../ people..../// the head of the international atomic energy agency says japan may have lost control of its uclear sit. situation. the u-n atomic watchdog chief-- plans to visit the country... he confirms a partial melt-down of reactors one, two and three at the earthquake damaged fukushima plant. crews have been frantically trying to coollreactors in the complex. people who continually being screened for &pradiation exposure.meantime the death toll from the earthqqakk and tsuuami that devastated japan last week continues to rise and millions are coping with little food, waaer heat orrhousing in chilly tempeeatures. a towson university student is trying to leave japann.. her semester abroad has been cancclled.cynthia jacob has booked her daughter a flight home... but trains aren't running.. and many roads are damaged... just getting to the airport is a struggle. meanwhile, her daughter danielle remains with her host family in tokyo.... she's hundreds of miles from where the tsunami hit. still, there are concerns about exposure... indoors. "i'm terrified
need to spenddthe night. coming up... the threat of a nuclear meltdoon is loomiig in japan... what new measures are being taken... to prevent a catastrophe. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) ♪ ♪ [ conductor's baton taps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every john deere mower at lowe's undergoes a ten point dealer inspection and set up before it's deemed ready to perform... for you. check out the new john deere 100 series lawn tractor at a lowe's near you. receive special financing for 12 months on your lowe's consumer credit card. ♪ irish eyes are smiling on canton.saint patrick's day festivitiesskick off this morninggmeteorologist emily gracey is live with the details on thissmorning's hometown hotspot. hotspot. you can enjoy all of the saint patrick's daa festivitiis at "meet in the street" in o'donnelllsquare in canton through saturday.for more information, loo on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3 3 map 195 map 895 map coming up... the search continues for a maryland student... who went missing in new york.what clues author
. maryland.japan.. found in morning news... now on fox45 foxbaltimore dot com slash i-radar now on fox45 morning news... radition from japan.. found in . maryland.we are monitoring for anything that would be unexpected... just how much you're being exposeddto.. and whether or not you should be concerned about your health. health.lead us not into temptation.why one new study says.. going to church.. could be what's making you overweight. overweight.musical natt nats shrek: the musical.. invades ba. baltimoree31:!4-come on in inwe take you backstage. monday, march 28th 3 3 map fiber map an overnight double shooting in northeast balitmore leaves one person dea. dead. it happened late last night on elmley avenue. two 17 year olds were shot.. as they sat in a was hit in the back.. and later died from his injuries.the other... shot in the arm and is in serious ... but stable pondtion this word yet on suspects or motives. an elderly man is hit by an amtrak train and killed. killed. it happpned early saturday morning, around one a-m... on the tracks at east preston stree
toll from japan's massive quake.. and the heightened fears of nuclear meltdowns. -------------------------------- ((nats))ááhonkingáá((karen-vo cont)) speaking out against high gas prices. ((sot))approx. 23:09:02: ryan: " every penny counts at this point."é((karen-vo cont)) he overnight jump in prices.. and how much ámoreá you could soon pay. -------------------------------- -((emily))áásotáá' -------------------------------- ((jeff-vo)) and bmore healthy.((sot))(1:47:45) "go, gotta want it, gotta want it, gotta want it, go!" ((jeff-vo cont)) the steps people took toward a healthier 2011... and the test that might have saved one woman's life. good evening.. i'm jeff abell. 3 abell. and i'm karen parks. parks.some cecil county pesidents are cleaning p tonight... ffer thhir homms were flooded with water. but myranda stephens tells they may have gotten lucky thii time around. 3 20:57 well as expected... there was some flooding here in the town of port deposit, but most folks say it asn't nearly as bad as it could've been
. workers in japan are trying everything thee can to prevent a meltdown t their troubled nuclear reactor. reactor. they're working on restoring power... which may allow them to operate water pumps and cool it down. they ttied dropping water on it by hellcopter... and with fire trucks......with only a little bit of american citizens... and help japan. even as japanese responders continue to do heroic work, we know that theedamage to the nuclear reactors innfukushima, dai-ichi plant, poses a pubstantiaa risk to people who are nearby." about 600 americans are north of the troubled nuclear power plant... ...and need to be brought of the country. president bama...// asked.../ the.../ nuclear... regulatory... commission.../ to.../ monitor.../ u-s...// nuclear plants.../ to... ensure.../ átheeá...// can... withstand.../ quakes .../ and... áákathleenáá.... cairns...// reports...// áátheáá... 32-nd.../ anniversary...// of.../ 3--mile.../ island.../ is...// later... this.../ month..../// ááandáá
bullying to include help for special needs tudents. 3 it's been one week and tsunami hit japan... and e - nuclear safety agency has raised the nuclear threat level from aa4 to a 5. the measurement is from tte "international nuclear event scale..." and goes up to a "7." a level four incident has just local consequences but a leeel 5 the one in japan now is... has wider consequences.but nuclear experts are still hopeful they can avoid a meltdown.the military is using water &pcannons and helicopters... to douse the reactors... which would keep them from overheating. the 32nd anniversary of the 3 mile island accident is later this month...a nuclear event that was also a "5" on the samm international nuclear years later the people living neer the plant in ennsylvania are at odds over wheeher their town is really safe. japanese automaker nissan... says it's chhcking its vehicles... for any signs of to reassure the public about the japanese-manufactured cars. the company says it's not worried about radioactivity in aay of its cars. the f-d-a and tobacco industry face off over
... radiation concerns heightened at the fukishima nuclear plant in japan....what some workers discovered --- and what happened to them ... 3 air traffic contrrl procedures are being reviewed nationwide.. after a a shift at washingtor reagan international. patrice harris tells us the employee might have been overwo. overworked. = the sole air traffic conttoller on duty at reagan national airport on wednesday morning told feeeral investigators that he fell asleep for a period of time during his shift. he's not being identified.. but we know he's a supervisor with 20 years experience, 17 right at reagan national airport. he's been suspended during the course of this investigation and was given an drug test. he told investigators this was the fourth consecutive overnight shift he was working anddnow hummn fatigue issues are being looked into. still the chief of the f-a-a is steamed about the airline pilot i've never seen anything haapen like this. i'm outraged by it, we're going to have an investigation and we're going to get to the bottom of it, we're going to find out
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